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In 2015, the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to meet the urgent environmental, social, and economic challenges facing our world. It appealed to governments, the private sector, and civil society to work towards achieving these goals which represent an important international step in setting humanity on a trajectory towards sustainable development.

Impact Campus was created to respond to this UN call by providing students and professionals the tools to manage the challenges faced by present and future generations through training programs and courses on social and ecological causes. We create learning paths and active pedagogies that equip our trainees with the skills and competences needed to be leaders and global changemakers. Today, we help institutions affirm their singularity and position themselves strongly on emerging issues of impact

We aim for our trainees to stand out in the global job market through: 


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Impact Campus Scientific Committee is a panel of academic experts in social innovation, managerial innovation, CSR, sustainable development, ethics, and other related fields of study. Its goal is to guide the choice of our courses topics, to enrich our curricula, and to facilitate inter-disciplinary connections.  Our scientific committee is chaired by Professor Jacques Igalens, former director of Toulouse Business School and teacher-researcher specialized in the management of human resources and corporate social responsability.

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Client Testimonials

Even before enrolling in my engineering school, it was very important to me that I could start committing to projects with a strong social meaning, in order to then pursue this commitment once graduated. »

A student


EMLyon Business School aims at sustainably train its students to be tomorrow leaders and entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of innovation.

In this framework, Impact Campus provides the fitting tools to our program so that every student commits and becomes an early maker aware of his choices, his impacts and his responsibilities. »
Thierry Picq, Director of Early Maker Development 

EM Lyon

The platform is really good. I have finally found an easy-to-use online platform, that I can use by myself only by entering the login info that I received as soon as I enrolled. I can easily access to the content on my computer, everything is clear, without fuss, it’s great! The videos are well oriented, they challenge us to take action and show us what’s outside the box! It’s so inspiring! »

A collaborator